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National Web site

Province IV Web site

Diocesan By-Laws 2016


Use the National Web site link above to find information on the following items:

National By-Laws, DOK Handbook, Chapter Manual, National Study Guide, and the Spiritual Formation Guide. Go to the resources tab and choose literature for Seniors.

The Cindy Parrott Memorial Fund can be used in strict confidence by any Daughter seeking financial assistance for any DOK related expense.

“Contributions to the Cindy Parrott Memorial Fund may be made as offerings, or memorial, honor or thanksgiving gifts.  If you wish to receive an acknowledgement of your gift, please send an email to with your name, mailing address and the name and address of the person you wish to honor.  Indicate whether it is a memorial, honor or thanksgiving gift.”

Use the link below to make your donations to the Cindy Parrott Memorial Fund:

If you need a fillable/printable version when making a donation, click here:

For reimbursements:


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