Message from our President, Pat Batten:


Dear Sisters in Christ -


First let me express my thanks to those of you who were able to attend our Spring Retreat on Zoom on April 24th! Although the turnout was less than hoped for, the response and impact were powerful and the 22 Daughters who joined had something important to share from their study experience of Bishop Curry's book.   There were two videos included in our program, one from the Fall Assembly of Province IV in October of 2020 and a second one from YouTube.  A discussion of the book study concluded the shortened meeting but everyone still seemed to enjoy seeing one another and sharing the fellowship and love that only the Daughters truly understand.  Special thanks to Susan Kear and Elaine Sandberg for their extra efforts to make these unusual meeting methods work! 


The month of May brings with it our celebration of Pentecost and a reminder of our Funds of the Order.


Please review this item that was included in the newsletter for May of 2019:

What is the Cindy Parrott Fund?


At Spring Retreat, Fall Assembly, and Diocesan Meetings, collections are always made to the Cindy Parrott Fund. This fund was created by The Order of the Daughters of the King in the Diocese of Upper South Carolina. It was begun in remembrance of Cindy Hanlon Parrott who was the DOK Diocesan Treasurer from 2004-2009. Cindy died of ovarian cancer. She was very appreciative of the scholarship monies that had enabled her to attend diocesan, provincial, and triennial events. According to Past-President, Peggy Denny, “Cindy wanted every DOK to be able to experience what she did, even if they couldn’t afford it. So this fund was set up to help send our DOK to assemblies, retreats, and triennials. I (Kathy Cook) personally was very close to Cindy, and she was a beautiful soul and a wonderful spokesperson for the Daughters of the King.” Please give generously to the Cindy Parrott Fund, and if you encounter a need, contact the board of our Diocesan DOK, or visit the website, to apply for assistance.


Master’s Fund

We celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit every year at Pentecost. The provider of Courage, Wisdom, and Grace, the Holy Spirit calls and assists each believer on the Path of Life. For those who receive a calling to become a Priest, Deacon, or Missionary, funds for education can present an obstacle to achieving her goals. Financial assistance is available through the Master’s Fund. It takes two forms: Formal Education Scholarships and Continuing Education Grants. Recalling that one of the vows a Daughter takes requires support of the Funds of the Order, we can open our hearts and pocketbooks to assist with this important work. Please pray for those sisters who may have a calling to service in some way, asking the Holy Spirit to be present for her in a special way. And remember to give generously to the Master’s Fund, either as a chapter or an individual, following the directions which can be found on our National Website.


Our next opportunity to gather as DOK will be for the Summer Board Meeting which will take place via Zoom on August 21, 2021. At that time our executive board members and chapter presidents (or their representatives) will meet to discuss business issues, previous board meeting minutes, and any items that require motions/voting attention. Please save the date and plan to attend. 


As the summer approaches, we continue to pray for our Order and all of our members in the Diocese of Upper South Carolina, including our Lutheran members and all Daughters at Large. 

Special thanks to those of you who have reached out to, and touched, our sisters who are without a chapter and choose to engage with us now that we have found them and offered an opportunity to reunite!


Blessings and peace,


all FHS,





Pat Batten