Message from our President, Pat Batten:


Dear Sisters in Christ -


Here comes October and we have a full slate of newly elected executive board members for the next triennium! Thank you to these ladies who have stepped up to take the responsibilities of officers to lead us through 2021-2024:


President-elect - Deborah Dunlap, Christ Church, Greenville 

1st Vice President-elect - Debbie Richardson, St. Matthews, Spartanburg

2nd Vice President-elect - Noonie Fennell, Resurrection, Greenwood

Treasurer-elect - Martha Williams, Holy Trinity, Clemson


The offices of Secretary, Chaplain, Worship Chair, Daughters-at-Large chair, Historian chair and Junior Directress are appointed and anyone who wants to step forward and volunteer for these positions will be appreciated by the President-elect when the new term begins for all in September

of 2021.


The Fall Assembly for 2020 was held via Zoom on September 26th when these women were elected. The assembly had lots of challenges and whereas I had hoped the recorded program would be available from the national office, I was unable to access it so have not included a link to it in this newsletter. For those of you who joined the program, many thanks and I hope it was interesting to you to hear our Province IV president, Jane Searcy. 


The month of October also brings the Fall Assembly of Province IV Daughters of the King. Normally this is held at Kanuga Conference center where there is a large gathering from the eight states in the province with terrific fellowship, fun and worship that includes a memorial service for the Daughters we have lost. In the 2019-2020 year, we have lost 171 of our sisters here in the Southeast. But take heart in knowing that our province has the largest membership in the country with well over 10,000 members. In place of the Kanuga meetings, the retreat is being held virtually via Zoom and will take place over 20 hours this week. Workshops and breakout sessions will be included as well as worship services and business meetings but the in-person settings just won't happen. No prayer sessions, meals together in the dining hall or chats in the rocking chairs during social hours will be experienced. Times are just different and we have to believe that our lives will improve and we continue to keep our faith in God. 


May you abound in God's many blessings and be bathed in His Holy Peace,


Pat Batten


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