Message from our President, Pat Batten:



Dear Sisters in Christ -


As we experience the season of Lent, we look forward to Springtime and the return of warm weather, flowers, and outdoor freedom.  Keeping you all in our prayers for health and safety at this time of difficulty. As the virus settles and we receive our vaccines, our congregations are once again swelling with hope and smiling faces, even while masked! 


I've received two emails recently that reminded me of information that's available at the national website for the Daughters,  The first one dealt with a change in chapter officers. When a member becomes a chapter officer, it is important that the national office be notified, and that is done by updating the profile information for the particular Daughter. For example, the term has ended for the chapter president and a new one has been elected. It is the responsibility of each of those persons to update their personal status as a new CPRES/chapter president and to remove that status for the exiting president. This example shows how the information appears on the report generated: 


ParishChapter NameFirst NameLast NameAddress Lines 1EmailHome PhoneCell PhoneOfficerAdventSisters of PrayerMaryJones110 Main Street abc@gmail.com864-123-4567864-123-5678CSECR AdventSisters of PrayerMarySmith 110 Main Street 864-222-2222CPRES


The column that shows the Officer designation is used by the national office and diocesan staff to identify the correct contact for the chapter. 


The other issue that came up with resources available on the national site had to do with the death of one of our Daughters. It was brought to my attention that there is a service for departed sisters that is not found in our handbooks. Check out  "A Daughter's Book of Services" on the national site as it includes all 13 of the services for Senior and Junior Chapters.  


The president of our Province IV Daughters, Jane Searcy, sent two letters earlier this week concerning the Funds of the Order and chapter health, asking that we "make small chapters and dues part of your DOK agenda for this year. Perhaps you can contact the church or the members and try to reignite interest in Daughters. If a chapter needs to be disbanded, proper steps are outlined in our handbook. Ask your chapter presidents to help contact their members who are not current with dues. If financial help is needed, see if the chapter, assembly, or province is able to help before applying for national help." In our Upper South Carolina diocese, we have only one chapter with fewer than 3 members. I will be in touch with that chapter president and a nearby one to see if they can possibly meet together since a single person in a chapter has to feel isolated and out of touch! We have so much to share with one another and work to do as well. 


A Lenten Quiet Day was held at Trinity Cathedral on February 20th and was attended by a dozen people, including a male parishioner.   There were readings by some of the clergy, beautiful music including "Lift High the Cross" and "I Am One", and a simple light lunch of homemade soups. We are trying to be normal and social distancing and masks were in place for the wonderful morning of meditation.  


Save the date for the Spring Retreat on April 24...more information coming soon.


God is in charge, and you are in His care.


Blessings and peace,




Pat Batten


The Order of the Daughters of the King in

The Assembly of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina