Prayer requests:

Please continue to pray for everything related to the Coronavirus and a quick resolution for our United States leadership, communities and country.


Please note: if any chapters want to meet by ZOOM, the national office has a ZOOM account that is available for all chapters to use. Chapter presidents may contact them directly at for information and learn how to schedule your meeting.


More information: Please pray collectively with our diocese each morning at 9:00 AM. We pray separately, but, collectively. God hears our call. We are not alone...we always have our Sisters in Christ.

Our DOK National President calls on us to also pray The Lord's Prayer daily at noon in concert with all daughters throughout the world.



Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina DOK Prayer Cycle

Holy Trinity Clemson, Mary E M Laib, Senior, 4/5/2020

Incarnation Gaffney, Martha & Mary, Senior, 4/12/2020

Spring Retreat, Diocesan DOK, Senior, 4/19/2020

Redeemer Dioc, St Therese, Senior, 4/26/2020

SC Prayer Cycle


Our diocesan worship chair, Elaine Sandburg, created a document for our diocesan DOK to use during these uncertain times. It can be shared. Enjoy, and, Peace be with you.


Meditation for the pestilence at hand

God of steadfast love


God of steadfast love: Turn our hearts to you, that we may once again delight in your goodness and rejoice in the good news of the risen Christ; in whose name we pray. Amen.

To keep our little church family together during this time of isolation, our priest began daily Compline services by conference call. Attendance has grown over time and we have added daily Morning Prayer. So, we have opportunities, not only at the Sunday service, but on each day to hear the Word and make prayers to God. We always have a time at the end to hear each other say hello. However, most of the time we shared fears of shortages or problems getting work done, or of missing a scheduled vacation or trip.  

As time went on, we moved from winter into spring, and what a beautiful spring it has been!  In our sharing time after each service, we began sharing first sightings of robins or flowers, of working in a garden, or hearing the birds in a lazy morning. People said that they saw God in numerous places in nature like a beach sunset, on a mountain top panorama, and by the gently flowing water of a forest stream. It is easy to imagine a Daughter seeing nature and stopping to pray and thank God for the gifts of the earth. Who of us would not say that God is there at that moment?

But we know that God is ALWAYS here. Surely in a peaceful forest, but also with a country at war, with a school during a shooting, with an abusive spouse and victim. It is more difficult for us to thank God in today’s suffering.  Not only is it difficult for us to see God, we often find ourselves wondering if God is involved in world affairs and influences the course of history. “Where is God,” we ask, “In the death of a police officer?” “Why didn’t God intervene when two girls were abducted?” “Why hasn’t God brought a peaceful end to the spread of CO-VID 19?” “Will this isolation time ever end?” How long must we suffer and not get to do whatever it is that we want?

So, what has God been doing in the bad times? I won’t presume to know, except to say He was God and, as we are taught in the Bible, He continued to love us, and to protect us from the powers of evil. It may be difficult how to explain God during the evil and suffering that pervades our world today, but God is still present and active. How then do we live the life of faith when our heart bleeds for the suffering we see around us?

We praise God. Always and everywhere.  Our praise bears witness to others that God is living and active in our world today. We thank God and we can thank others for being a blessing in our lives. Certainly, these times of illness, death, unemployment and isolation are times to worry, to fret, to cry. But a life of faith is a life of joy; not of our situation on earth, but of our relationship to a God who loves us and all, and who is in control. We should be seen to openly praise and thank God. It is a difficult task, but it is what pleases God at all times in our lives. And you will be rewarded for it.

And that is what our daily services by conference call have done: we have opportunities to praise God and to make our lives joyful even in this worrisome time. In the midst of our fretting and worry, our daily conference call services have kept our little church family happy and praising God, who is in the midst of us. We have learned who needs help and figured out how to reach out to each other in ways we wouldn’t have considered two months ago. I thank our priest for her management of this small idea that keeps even our natural home-bodies and our extroverts involved in hearing the Word and in keeping in touch. And for giving us a chance to change our worries and complaints into praise. Thanks be to God!

Lord Jesus, who taught us the extent of God’s love for us, as you sent Mary Magdalene to tell the good news of your resurrection, so fill and embolden us with your love that we may be your faithful and joyful witnesses in the world today. Give us voices to praise you always and everywhere.  In your name we pray. Amen.


Elaine Sandberg, Worship Chair

May, 2020

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