The Triennial Meeting was wonderful!  Louie Rambo and our Chaplain Mother Mia McDowell from St Matthew’s in Spartanburg, Margie Hankinson, Phyllis Webb, Carol Hallman and her daughter Melodie from Redeemer in Greenville and Abigail Bowes and I from St Simon and St Jude attended the conference.  Joyce Pipkin and Anida Mims from St Mary’s in Columbia and Donna Floyd from Tennessee staffed the Ecuador/Haiti booth.  Peggy Denny and her team staffed the 1885 Designs booth, including Norma and her husband, Peggy’s husband and her daughter Abi Elder, her husband and two daughters.  Our diocese was well represented!

       There were three keynote speakers, many workshops three Eucharists, daily morning, noonday and evening prayer, and a tiny bit of free time.  The keynoters spoke on evangelism as sharing personal stories.  When we share stories with love and respect, the Holy Spirit will have a chance to work in our hearts.  I think they meant being an “attractive nuisance” like a home swimming pool, but without the need for a safety fence.  The talks were more about process than content – being enthusiastic and genuine, not preaching rules of life.

        Many parts of the meeting were live streamed, and the videos are still available on the National web site.  I especially recommend Canon Stilling’s speeches and the International Assembly presentations.

        I am grateful that I had the opportunity to attend.  Thank you all very much for sending me.


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