The Order of the Daughters of the King Fall Assembly, September 26, 2020

By Zoom and Face to Face in Columbia

Opening Greeting and Welcome with Agenda Overview:  Pat Batten

Litany and Benediction of the Blessed Sacraments:  Father James Lyon,  The Church of the Good Shepherd, Columbia

Devotional:  "How Can I Tap Into the Wisdom of God?":  Elaine Sandberg  

Job and God:  First one must desire help from God, then one must ask for help from God, Wisdom comes from the fear of God, Deeds done in humility will show in our lives. Being a Daughter in communication with God through prayer can tap into God's wisdom.

Business Session:  Election of Officers to begin term in September 2021

President:  Deborah Dunlap, Christ Church, Greenville

1st Vice President:  Debbie Richardson, St. Matthews, Spartanburg

2nd Vice President:  Carolyn Noonie Fennell, Church of the Resurrection, Greenwood

Motion to close the nominations was made by Anne Schultz, Seconded by Ann-Kate Howell

Move that slate be elected by a show of hands, motion by Margaret Spratt, Seconded by Beck Sullivan

Proclaim that the slate has passed

Still in need of a Treasurer

Guest Speaker:  Jane Searcy, President of Province IV:  "Listening for and Hearing God's Call"

God calls us every day through experience and relationships. We have to listen and be open to hear the call. We have a ministry of being. We must think of who we are (Daughters of the King) and whose we are (children of God). We are all part of God's plan. What is God calling us to do in his plan. Listen with the ear of your heart. Be still and know that I am God. In today's words it would be:  "Stop this worry, I am God - I've got this and I've got you.

October 6-8 Will be the Province IV Assembly via Zoom.

The Lord Almighty is with you Always

Lord what would you have me do?

Embrace those words and go out into the world in joy.

Mother Mia is on the Nominating Committee for the new Bishop. She asks for prayers and for a new dean at the cathedral.

Closing Prayers and Motto:  Pat Batten

Nominations from the floor were opened by a motion from Margie Hankinson, Seconded by Phyllis Webb.

Martha Williamson from Holy Trinity in Clemson was nominated by Deborah Dunlap with her permission for the office of Treasurer. She was selected as the new treasurer by acclimation.

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Kear



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