Notes from the Diocese of Upper South Carolina Order of the Daughters of the King Fall Planning Meeting, Saturday, October 26, 2019, St. Timothy’s, Columbia, SC

Attending: Pat Batten, Noonie Fennell, Deborah Dunlap, Beck Sullivan, Elaine Sandberg, Anida Mims, Kathy Cook and Cai Armstrong.

We opened with a very positive devotional on Discernment with interaction by all, provided by Elaine, Worship Chair.

Annual Diocesan Convention, scheduled for November 8 and 9 at Christ Church, Greenville was discussed. We have responsibilities for the Prayer Chapel as well as the DOK Exhibit. Boyd Cater, St. James, Greenville is in charge of the Chapel for Friday. Ideally, 5 are needed, to cover both areas each day.

We were asked to offer prayers for the Weekend of Hope for Women in Greenville, held this weekend.

Pat advised that on the National DOK site, we now have a Strategic Plan Companion with questions for reflection for each Chapter to use and homework if desired for each goal which the Board should download and be prepared to discuss at future meetings.     (Approximately 20 pages to print; go to the Home Office site, to About the Order, drop down to Strategic Plan to Strategic Plan Resources and then Strategic Plan Companion.)


The main focus was to determine the 2020-2021 calendar: (Pat is to work on confirming locations for each gathering.)


Saturday, March 7, 2020    Winter Board Meeting       Goal #3 in the Strategic Plan to be the topic for the day: Nurture and Grow Our Members. Theme “Bring Life and Light”. The  DVD “A Closer Walk with God” from the National Site was discussed as a possibility for program as it includes a DOK overview for prospective members.


Saturday, April 25, 2020   Spring Retreat     We discussed that this meeting would be dedicated to the Reverend Mia McDowell for her service as Chaplain to the Diocesan DOK Board. Reverend Jimmy Hartley as Diocesan House Staff Liaison will be contacted to provide the leadership topic for the day.


Saturday, August 22, 2020   Presidents’ Summer Board Meeting:

Goal #5 in the Strategic Plan is topic: Foster Community and Build Connections, theme “Sharing Joys and Dividing Sorrows”


Saturday, September 26, 2020   Fall Assembly   Province IV President Jane Searcy is already booked by Pat as our speaker, and Jane will provide topic. (Note that Province IV will pay Jane’s expenses.)

This is also our annual business meeting and we will elect new officers for 2021.  Cai as Immediate past President chairs the Nominating Committee and will need volunteers for the Committee.  President, Vice-Presidents and Treasurer Elect are open positions.


Saturday, October 20, 2020 Fall Planning Session for Board


Calendar for 2021: rough outline

3/6/21  DOK Winter Board Meeting, Goal #4 New Leaders to be topic, Raise Up and Mentor New Leaders

4/24/21  Spring Retreat

8/21/21  Summer Board Meeting, Goal #1 Inspire Spiritual Growth and Development topic 

9/25/21  Fall Assembly – the new President takes over

10/23/21  (?)  Fall Planning Session for new Board TBD by new Board


Calendar for 2022:

March   2022   Goal #2  Strengthen Our Call to Service and Evangelism

August 2022   Goal #6   Instill a Spirituality of Giving (We will have covered all six goals by the end of the fiscal year 2021-2022.)


Other discussions: Elaine is to assist Susan in possible development of a site for resources. -

Noonie would like to have a group activity at retreats: one idea was making the plastic mats for the homeless.

Elaine suggested WORLD magazine to us, a magazine to spread Christianity around the world.

Have a clergy person put together a 40 minute program for us, Volunteers in Mission was one possibility. Elaine is to talk to Jimmy to talk to Alan Bentrup, Cannon for Evangelism and Mission at Diocesan House.


The new Membership Chair position now required by Province IV DOK was discussed, and it was decided that Noonie as First Vice President would assume that role and will take on the review of the Constant Contact email list versus true current membership.


We discussed meeting registrations being handled by the host parish versus the Treasurer handling the forms and monies. It was decided that the Treasurer will continue with that duty. The master registration form is to be sent to the Treasurer and she will send the form to the host parish to modify for each gathering.

We closed with prayer and special prayers for Cai, for Joan Weaver for healing, for spark to ignite the DOK at Christ Church and for St. Peter’s, Greenville Fiftieth Anniversary on October 27.


With special gratitude for Pat and Elaine who provided breakfast and a yummy lunch for those who could stay,

Beck Sullivan    11/7/2019


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