The Order of the Daughters of the King:  Diocese of Upper South Carolina

President’s Meeting:  August 22, 2020


This was our first meeting by Zoom and 23 participated.


The meeting opened with Worship, led by The Rev. Mia McDowell. Using Psalm 137, verses 1—6, Mother Mia related this to the time we are in captivity with COVID-19. How can we be happy since our world has changed? We all feel a range of emotions at this time. We need to acknowledge how we feel to God. Our grounding, safety, and strength are in God. We are learning to sing a new song in a new land through Zoom. We are reminded that we are God’s daughters of the King and that we are still able to provide payer and service even in these times. We also need to play to be our whole selves. We need to help in this foreign land of COVID-19 and let others know what we learned or did during this time.

Pat Batten, President, acknowledged Mia’s gifts to the Order and gave her a big thank you Mother Mia is stepping down as Chaplain due to more duties at the Diocesan level. Mother Mia thanked us for allowing her to serve but reminded us that as daughters we have a bounty of spiritual gifts to offer. At the end of the meeting Mother Mia announced that St. Luke’s in Newberry was to be available for DOK Diocesan meetings.

Pat went on to talk about the Fall Assembly to be held on Zoom on September 26, 2020 from 1-4 pm.

Minutes: A motion by Margie Hankinson as corrected by Margie Hankinson and seconded by Phyllis Webb that the August meeting minutes be approved as corrected. The minutes from the August meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report showed an increase in membership to 561 members. We have had new chapters and new members since the last meeting. Noonie Fennell made a motion and Deborah Dunlap seconded the Treasurer’s report. The Report was approved.

Pat talked about Daughters at Large because we do not know where they are and we would like to have a record of them. Pat emphasized that you cannot become a DAL because you don’t like your chapter. You can join other chapters in your area or try to work within your chapter to make changes.

Pat mentioned the tasks that are to be done by members each August. Dues are due and the President’s must submit their chapter reports to Pat.  All Chapter Reports are due to Pat by September 1, 2020.

Pat stated that the Province IV Assembly held at Kanuga each year will be virtual this year. It will start on October 5.

Next in business, Noonie Fennell listed the three officers of the Executive Committee who have agreed to run in the upcoming Diocesan election:

Deborah Dunlap, President

Debbie Richardson, 1st Vice President

Noonie Fennell, 2nd Vice President

No one has agreed to take on the position of Treasurer. It was agreed that the Nominating Committee would meet and find a treasurer. The current Executive Committee will meet at the fall planning meeting to discuss the issue.

Also needed is an updating of the members in Constant Contact which is how our newsletter goes out to our Diocese.

Next, Pat opened Chapter Sharing on the Strategic Plan Goal #5:  Foster Community and Build Connections.

Redeemer, Greenville: Phyllis Webb: During this time of COVID-19, the Daughters have sent notes to the entire church praying for them after Easter. They are meeting by email to reflection on what they have been doing during COVID. Jr. daughters went to Camp St. Christopher and hope to meet in person soon.

Church of the Resurrection, Greenwood – The daughters have written notes to medical personnel and First Responders in the church. They have sent notes to people in the hospital. For the soup kitchen they have prepared food bags and delivered them through a drive thru. They also contributed toward a house for children with the pastoral care committee of the church.

St. Timothy, Columbia: Elaine Sandberg:  Their church has a new priest and the daughters have formed a prayer group to support her. Their services have been by conference call. With everything at church, Daughters are the major supporters and attendees. One member has been ill and meals have been taken to her home. The chapter has given prayers for the parish during this time. Soon an Open House walk through Baby Shower will be given by the Daughters. The church is open for people to sit and pray.

Patsy Brock was installed as president in February. They had organized a training program for 9 women to begin in March, but because of COVID that did not happen. They are now planning to do this through Zoom. The prayer blanket continues. The Daughters meet four times a year and their next meeting would be happening soon. Prayer requests come to them through email.

Junior Daughters:  Anna Kate has contacted both chapters (St. Agnes in Greer and St. Joan of Arc in Spartanburg) through Zoom. She did not feel that it went well, but hopes that it will get better. She did see girls at Camp St. Christopher.

Good Shepherd, Columbia, Julie:  the chapter is maintaining the prayer list by email with follow up notes to individuals. They continue to send cards to those in need and delivering altar flowers.

Good Shepherd in Greer:  Doris stated that they were having their monthly meetings by Zoon. Attendance has been good, but Zoom gets mixed reviews. They have their prayer list and card list. One daughter led them to write their own devotion in Haiku and these were shared at their last meeting. They have been offering emotional support to a daughter who lost her spouse recently. Three new members completed their work to become a Daughter and the Service of Admission will be held on September 12, 2020 at 10:00 am outside.

St. Matthews, Spartanburg: Are having bi-weekly zoom meetings on Wednesday and Saturdays. They have sponsored two praise meetings in the parking lot with masks. They are still distributing prayer shawls and prayer cards. They donated $300 to schools to purchase PPE. They feel that they are keeping on, keeping on.

St. Peter’s, Greenville: We were meeting via email but now meet in a member’s garden at 9:00 am. The garden cat meets with us as they meet with masks and social distancing. They are still maintaining a prayer list and sending cards out that had been made by the group, before COVID struck. The church is having limited outdoor services and continuing with weekly services on Face Book. At the end of each service the priest does a shout out to some group within the church and last week it was the chapter of DOK with pictures of all the members.

St. David’s, Columbia, Margi:  They have been able to maintain their prayer list and had a couple of zoom meetings. Three new people wish to become daughters but no date has been set to start their study. The group prays daily at 9:00 am separately, but together in spirit.

St. Simon, St. Jude, Irmo: The daughters have had one zoom meeting, but the parish is very active. They are having Sunday communion online with meditation on the wafer which has been very meaningful. About 20-25 people have been in attendance. The group is reading Abraham Kerdis book about antiracism. They maintain the prayer list and plan to resume to meet later.

Bishop Curry’s new book will be available on Amazon on September 22. The title is Hope in Troubling Times.

The closing prayer was offered by Mia McDowell and Elaine Sandberg.

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