October Planning Meeting


Those in attendance via Zoom:Cai Armstrong, Susan Kear, Pat Batten, Noonie Fennell, Beck Sullivan, Elaine Sandberg, Margie Hankinson, Anna-Kate Howell, Debbie Richardson


Opening Worship led by Elaine Sandberg, Worship Chair

            “What are we about?”


Meeting led by Pat Batten, President

            Review of the By-laws


It was suggested that President meetings and planning meetings continue to be Zoom meetings, even when we can all meet again in person.  All meetings until Fall 2021 will be Zoom meetings, unless changed due to changes in restrictions to COVID-19.  It was also suggested that we could have virtual communion at these meetings as some parishes in the Diocese are doing.


Pat Batten brought up the idea of using some of our funds since there has not been a need for travel nor honorariums this year due to virtual meetings.  A person was paid to produce the Fall Assembly.


A motion was made to give money to Kanuga that would have normally been used by the President to attend Province IV meetings there. Margie Hankinson made the motion and it was seconded by Anna-Kate Howell. Discussion followed. The motion was amended to read that $500.00 would be given to Kanuga from our funds. The motion passed.


Cai Armstrong made a motion that $500 by given to Province IV Relief Fund and it was seconded by Debbie Richardson. The motion passed. This money is being given to help with relief from the hurricanes along the gulf coast.


Triennial will be held in Baltimore, MD on June 23-27, 2021. The President and President-Elect will have their costs covered by our Diocesan DOK funds.


The President proposed the calendar for 2021 as follows:


March 6, 2021:            Winter President’s Meeting

April 24, 2021:            Spring Retreat:  All members to read Love is the Way by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry for discussion at the Retreat/Presentation by Bishop Curry

June 2021:                  Triennial in Baltimore, MD

August 21, 2021:        Summer President’s Meeting:  Goal #4 from The Order of the Daughters of the King Strategic Plan/Susan Kear presenting

Sept. 25, 2021:           Fall Assembly

October 23, 2021:       Board Planning Meeting with New Officers


The President reminded everyone of a VIMEO on November 1 at 4:00 PM which is to be a National Service of Health and Hope


Closing Worship by Elaine Sandberg, Worship Chairman


Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Kear, Secretary

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