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Presidents and Board Meeting August 21, 2021  


The group gathered by Zoom at 10:00 am with the following in attendance:

Deborah Dunlap, Mary ME Laib, Clemson

Susan Kear, Peace of the Holy Comforter, Greenville

Noonie Fennell, Church of the Resurrection, Greenwood

Pat Batten, Mary and Martha of Bethany, Columbia

Johnetta George, Sisters of Prayer, Aiken

Elaine Sandberg, Mary and Martha of Bethany, Columbia

Sherrie Foster, Ruth, Greenville

Jeanne Brown, St. Teresa, Greer

Margi Scotti, Dove, Columbia

Phyllis Webb, St. Theresa, Greenville

Margie Hankinson, St. Theresa, Greenville

Nancy Barutio, Mary ME Laib, Clemson

Cai Armstrong, Mary Magdalene, Irmo

Sonya Harth, St. Clare, Simpsonville

Margaret Sprott, St. Martin, Columbia

Annette Elston, St. Monica’s, Newberry

Debbie Richardson, St. Angela, Spartanburg

Ann Gorman, St. Claire, Chapin

Patty Haller Brock, Sisters in Prayer, Spartanburg


Pat Batten, President opened with the prayer of The Order of the Daughters of the King and the motto of The Order of the Daughters of the King.


Elaine Sandberg, Worship Chair presented Opening Thoughts and Prayers

Paraphrased:  God gives us talents and gifts; We express hope through our lives using our talents and gifts; the Hope that Jesus is always with us wherever we are and whatever we are doing.


Pat Batten, President, thanked all those who had served with her for the past three years in elected and appointed positions within The Order of the Daughters of the King.


A roll call of those chapters present:


Peace of the Holy Comforter, Greenville, Susan Kear, representative:  We have been meeting by Zoom or outside in the garden of one of the daughter’s.  We will meet again in the garden on September 7.  We lost a daughter this year, Ruthie Speed and her husband died the same week.


St. Margaret, Greenwood, Noonie Fennell, representative. President Marty Cobb was unable to attend.  Last meeting was last April/May in the garden at the Church of the Resurrection.  The Chapter is involved in a lot of prayers as there are so many needs within the congregation.  They have been making deliveries to shut-ins within their Parish. Hope to meet in the Parish Hall on August 31.


Sisters of Prayer, Aiken, Johnetta George. They have 23 members, 2 in discernment. They have been meeting by Zoom until April when they met in the Parish Hall.  One daughter lost her own daughter due to drugs which has impacted them all. Johnetta asked for healing prayers as she will have extensive back surgery on September 15.


St. Angela, Spartanburg, Debbie Richardson. They have 26 members and lost some church members to COVID and several teens in a car accident.  They have continued their card ministry; become ushers in the parking lot for outdoor services; have done purses with a purpose for a local women’s shelter.  The daughters gathered old purses in good condition and stuffed them with feminine supplies, a pocket Bible, and small gifts. She stated that she hoped everyone would come to the Fall Assembly in Spartanburg on Saturday, September 28.


Mary and Martha of Bethany, Columbia, Elaine Sanderberg. Last chapter meeting was in March, with masks, and six people to a table in the parish hall.  They have also met by Zoom.  The chapter did the Stations of the Cross by holding up pictures of the Stations and another daughter doing the reading. They were able to invite a friend or their spouse to participate with them in the Sanctuary. The chapter held a reception for Pat Batten, in celebration of her term of office as Diocesan President of The Order of the Daughters of the King.


St. Clare, Chapin, Ann Gorman. They have a small group since they have only had their charter for a year.  They held a reception in the Parish Hall to mark the one year anniversary.  They are a mission church and are waiting and wanting for stability as they search for a priest.  Many daughters have stepped up to fill in and take on more jobs as the church waits for new leadership.


St. Theresa, Greenville, Phyllis Webb and Margie Hankinson.  They have met using distancing. They were having a luncheon today for a long-time church member who is moving back to Michigan to live.  They are holding a luncheon next week for all the women of the church to invite them to start the discernment process to become a daughter. They are hoping that the turnout will be good. The Junior Chapter, St. Agnes held a breakfast for the priest and choir between services this past Easter.  The group has not met over the summer. Prayers are asked for Betty Bosch for health and loss of friends and family. Prayers that this time of masking will also pass.


St. Luke, Greenville, Sherrie Foster. The chapter resumed meetings in July. They have 13 on the roll with 6 active members.  They have sent lunches to shut-ins and have been in prayer for the many needs of the Parish.


St. Martin, Columbia, Margaret Sprott. They got a new member in September 2020 and will have another one this coming weekend. (During the meeting, Margaret found out that she had been exposed to someone with COVID and was not sure if the service would happen or not).  Lost two daughters one to COVID and one to cancer.  Margaret told us about the online prayer request form that was set up at her church. The prayers go directly to her for distribution to the daughters.  She was happy to be able to communicate directly with those asking for prayers and to be able to keep the prayer list confidential within the chapter.


Dove, Columbia, Margi Scotti. Two new members. They have met two times in the Parish Hall. The chapter has continued its service through the Bears for the Sherriff’s office. Like many chapters, no one else wants to be president.  They are hoping to do a quiet day in Advent. They continue with their prayer squares and will be sending some with their new deacon to Honduras.


Mary ME Laib, Clemson, Nancy Barutio. 10 members and have started to meet in person last May.  They meet every Saturday at 9:00 AM for prayer and meet also once a month on a Sunday with Zoom.  She has moved to Greenville with her husband and is giving up the role of president.  The daughters continue to participate in a flower delivery ministry. They also use an online prayer request form.


St. Clare, Simpsonville, Sonya Harth. The chapter meets via Zoom and not able to do much because of COVID.  Sonya misses the flower ministry as there are no flowers because they are not meeting in person for church. The prayer list is long and she is eager to have an online confidential prayer request.  They have 23 members.  They did Stations of the Cross and then took a break for the summer and will meet again in September. They too are without a chapter president.


Mary Magdalene, Irmo, Cai Armstrong Cai asked that there by a Zoom presence at the Fall Assembly in Spartanburg on September 28 due to the Delta variant.  Debbie Richardson stated that she would be sure that would happen.  The chapter has continued with its prayer blanket ministry. They use Mail Chimp for their prayer list for the whole church.  Their church lost their priest, parish administrator, and organist in May so they are all still reeling from that although they do now have a new organist.


St. Monica, Newberry, Annette Elston. She was thrust into a leadership role when Mother Mia said she knew she could do the job! She is sending emails out once or twice a month to members with a devotion and prayer list.


Sisters in Prayer, Spartanburg, Patty Haller Brock. The chapter las met in March of 2020. They installed 8 new members in March 2021.  They had a meeting in May with the new members present. They meet quarterly, update the prayer list monthly.  The next meeting will be a boxed dinner with masks and Eucharist.


St. Margaret, Greenville, Deborah Dunlap. She asked for prayers for the chapter as it is not functioning at this time. Deborah is attending the Mary ME Laib chapter in Clemson.



Old Business

The March minutes had an error, the spelling of Nancy Barutio’s name. The minutes were approved as corrected. The motion was made by Cai Armstrong and seconded by Margaret Sprott.


New Business

Deborah Dunlap requested funds of $2500.00 from The Order of the Daughters of the King Diocesan for the Black Sheep Farms for a new roof for the barn.  Cai Armstrong said that in the Chapter manual it states that chapters may make donations to the priest’s discretionary fund and to local charities.  In order for their to be a vote on this request of funds, the people present at this September 21 meeting would need to vote to recommend to those present at the Fall Assembly to approve the donation.  Discussion followed. The motion was made by Sonya Harth (crafted by Cai Armstrong) to read;  The Board of The Order of the Daughters of the King of Upper South Carolina recommends to the members that approval of the donation of up to $2500.00 be given to the Black Sheep Farm for its ministry with women and girls. Johnetta George seconded the motion. Discussion followed.  The vote was a tie so that the Board could not recommend or deny the request.


Two items came out of the discussion. First, chapter presidents stated that they would take this request back to their chapters to see if their members wanted to donate directly to the Black Sheep Farm and its work.  Second, a process for making requests for funds needs to be established and approved by the members as soon as possible. This was felt needed so that the members would have financial information about the person or group requesting funds, what the funds were to be used for, and the sustainability of the person or group requesting funds.


Pat Batten, President, brought up that a daughter had gone directly to National to request help with yearly dues. There is a process set up for assistance with dues. Once should start with their own chapter to see if there are any funds available; then ask their priest; then ask friends or relatives; if money is still needed, then the Diocesan President can be asked; and finally, the National Office.  All of this must be done in confidence and with finesse so that it remains a private request for help.


Fall Assembly will be held in Spartanburg at St. Matthews and sponsored by the St. Angela Chapter.  The information was in the newsletter and sent to all chapter presidents.


Deborah Dunlap announced the incoming officers for 2021-2024.

Deborah Dunlap, President

Debbie Richardson, First Vice President

Noonie Fennell, Second Vice President

Martha Williams, Treasurer

Sonya Harth, Funds Chairman

Nancy Barutio, Daughters At Large Chairman

Cai Armstrong, Parlimentarian

Pat Batten, Past President Advisor

Anna Langham, Jr. Directress

There is no Secretary or Historian at this time. If anyone is interested, please contact Deborah Dunlap.

A Chaplain is still being sought.


Presentation:  Strategic Plan Goal #4: Raise Up and Mentor New Leaders

“Always remember it is your work we are called to do.” (The Prayer of The Order) 

Presented by Susan Kear, Peace of the Holy Comforter Chapter



Strong, Spirit-led servant leaders are the key to fulfilling our mission and vision but many of us have been hesitant to step into leadership because of the lack of necessary tools and preparation. In recognizing this need, we acknowledge the importance of creating an environment in which members are excited to serve, feel empowered in ministry, and confident in mentoring the Daughters who are to follow. Equipping us to respond to the call is the major thrust of the process of leadership training and development. Providing the necessary means to lead and support one another helps us feel empowered to serve our sisters and our Lord.



Implement new training programs focusing on strong chapter and diocesan assembly presidents and leaders

Develop strong training programs for chair positions

Provide training opportunities wherever Daughters gather

Organize International regional meetings to assist International chapters to multiply and form

Promote and encourage the use of the instructional literature of The order

Complete new instructional literature. Which was done recently.

Crate a mentoring program for The Order at all levels.

Make greater use of electronic training and meeting formats

Recognize and celebrate the dedicated service of Daughters in leadership positions throughout The Order


Most of this comes from national, but we need to take advantage of it so that our chapters will grow.


The National Study Guide (2020)

Leader’s Guide for National Study Guide (2021)

The Spiritual Formation Guide

A Daughter’s Book of Services (2020)


We need to know the literature of The Order and we must importantly celebrate and honor those who do serve. Please look around and encourage those within your chapters who have leadership ability to seek a leadership role within the chapter.


Pat Batten, President, concluded with a Prayer for the Future of The Oder.


Elain Sanderberg, Worship Chair asked us all to remember the people in Afghanistan and for God to reach out to the Taliban and for the people of Haiti.


Noon Prayers were read by Elaine and Pat.


The meeting ended at 12:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Susan Kear


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