Board Planning Day

The Board met on January 12, 2019 at Church of the Resurrection, Greenwood to schedule meeting dates for the next two years Those present included:  Noonie Fennell, 1st VP; Elaine Sandberg, Worship; Pat Batten, President; Anna Lengahan, Jr. DOK Directress/Facebook Coordinator; Beck Sullivan, Treasurer; and Susan Kear, Secretary.

The morning started with Morning Prayer led by Elaine Sandberg, Worship. Pat Batten, President started the meeting with general information about the happenings in the Diocese. Beck Sullivan, Treasurer, reported the dealings with the bank to get the account available to the new treasurer and president. Our account is at First Citizens Bank and our current balance is $11,381.87. Susan Kear, Secretary, presented the National Strategic Plan and led discussion on how our group can fulfill the promise for the next three years.

The Goals of the Strategic Plan for the Order is to be used for the next six years throughout the organization. Our group focused on the next three years and how we as daughters could incorporate the goals into our meetings at the Diocesan level and in our own parishes. 


Goal # 1 is to Inspire Spiritual Growth and Development: National is providing everyone with a Bible Study each year of the six years that can be followed in our individual parishes. This Bible Study will be given to the presidents and other attendees at the Board meeting March 9 2019, if National has published by that time.

Goal #2 is the Strengthen Our Call to Service and Evangelism:  At our assemblies and retreats for the next three years we will have all attending participate in a service project that is relevant for that community where the event is held. This is not to be just giving money, but something that we can physically do during our time together to help others in need.

Goal #3 is to Nurture and Grow Our Members;  We ask that everyone invite people to our meetings and programs on the parish and diocesan levels. To include other women in order to bring them into our organization.

Goal #4 is to Raise Up and Mentor New Leaders:  We hope to use name tags as place cards at all gatherings so we could begin to learn names and to encourage our members to seek leadership positions in the Diocese and in their parishes.

Goal #5 is to Foster Community and Build Connections: We hope to have Sister Pen Pals so that we communicate regularly throughout the Diocese and form connections and a sense of community so that hopefully we will have more members wanting to attend meetings, assemblies, and retreats to be with their Sister Pen Pals.

Goal #6 is to Instill a Spirituality of Giving:  At each meeting, assembly, and retreat there will be baskets on the tables for a donation to the Four Funds. We want to encourage giving each time we are together to help support the Funds and maintain the organization. We hope that parishes will do the same.

At the March 9 Meeting all of these Goals and what National is planning will be presented and discussion will happen as part of the presentation. All Presidents and other members are urged to attend in order to provide feedback on the Plan and to connect for the plans for this year's implementation of the Goals.

The following are the meetings, assemblies, and retreats for 2019-2020 that have been scheduled:


March 9:  President/ Board Meeting, St. Irmo and St. Jude:  The National Strategic Plan

April 27:  Retreat @ Christ Church, Greenville, Spiritual Healing

August 17:  President/Board Meeting: Forms of Prayer

September 28:  Assembly, St. Augustine:  Our Mission in Haiti

October 26:  Board Meeting, St. Timothy, Planning for Year 2 in our Cycle


January 8-9:  Diocesan Convention

March 7:  President/Board Meeting

April 25:  Retreat:  International Chapters & Missions

August 22:  President/Board Meeting

September 26:  Assembly

October 24:  Board Meeting:  Planning for Year 3 in our Cycle

The meeting ended with prayer led by Elaine Sandberg. 

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