As we begin our journey into reading Bishop Curry’s Love Is the Way, it will be helpful to meet as a distanced group or a Zoom group to come together in our enjoyment of his wit and wisdom.  Here are some questions for your first meeting, where participants have read the Introduction and Chapters 1-4.  Feel free to expand upon them or skip some altogether.


  1.  Bishop Curry writes: “The purpose of this book is to explain what the way of love looks like, even as we walk it in a world that feels at times closer to a night mare than to the dream.”  Do you feel this way about your life and world right now?  How will the “way of love” help you navigate your world?


  1. Curry’s grandmother admonished him as a child, “You don’t laugh at anybody else’s religion.” How do we include people of other religions in our lives?


  1. Chapter One asks the questions “What is this thing called love?  How do you define “love”?


  1. We as Daughters know that a Rule of Life is an intentional commitment to a set of practices that provide guidance, rhythm and inspiration for living a beautiful, meaningful and holy life.  Bishop Curry posits that “love was rules for living” to the early Greeks.  How does this coordinate with your Rule of Life?


  1. Agape is the Greek word for love that seeks the well-being of another. It’s also the same word used to describe the love of God in the New Testament. Therefore, Bishop Curry says, if we want to turn on “God’s GPS,” we simply have to ask, “Is this just about me or is this about we?” What aspect of your life is easiest or hardest to orient to this kind of love?


  1. “God may be the source of love, but people are often the vessels.”  Where do you see this in your service to the church and to others in your life?


  1. When describing his Grandmother’s cooking—and that of other Black migrants—Bishop Curry talks about “making do” and “making new.” How could you participate in “making garbage gourmet” in your home, work, or community? What challenging ingredients have you been handed? What golden creations can you cook up with them? What will be your secret sauce?


  1. The title of Chapter 4 is “What Desmond Tutu and Dolly Parton Have in Common.” He says that dreams are “love’s visions.”  What does this mean to you?

Other Chapters will be explored in March and April, prior to the meeting.