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Our chaplain  is Father William “Scotty” Brock who is the rector at St. David’s in Columbia.  Father Brock has a Masters of Divinity, Theology, and Anglican Studies from the Virginia Theological Seminary. He also has a Bachelor of Arts, History Ancient Middle East from Clemson University.  He is involved with the Cursillo ministry, the Salvation Army and the Red Cross. 


As we explore the theme of evangelism, we must remember that the word evangelism comes from a Greek word that simply means, “ to share the message.” The message could be bad or it could be good; nonetheless, it would be sharing the message. We Christians have added a twist to the meaning of evangelism. For us, because of Jesus, evangelism is “proclaiming the Good News!!”

As I mentioned at the Fall Assembly, we can define evangelism as Invitation, Acceptance, and Empowerment. Let’s look at evangelism as invitation. Evangelism is to invite; asking another to just be a part of things and of life.

Jesus approached fishermen and merely said, “Follow me.” They dropped their nets and wanted to be with Jesus.

 All you and I have to do is to invite another to be a part of our world. The world in which we live in is filled with detachment, distraction, loneliness and being lost. Think what we accomplish when we invite.

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